Janitorial Services

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Janitorial Services

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Schools, office buildings, movie theaters, and more: these are all structures that require cleaning by more than one person; they require a team effort to keep the hallways clean, the trashcans empty, and the bathrooms tidy.

Janitorial services isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but someone has to do it. In Valdosta, GA that someone is Commercial Cleaning Industries. Cleanliness is our business, and with our janitorial services we do all of the above, as well as grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, and tile cleaning.

If you’re working in an office building and are in a position of authority, you might be responsible for making sure that someone comes to clean at night or during the day. With our janitorial services, we can provide you with the following cleaning services:

• Empty Trashcans—During a routine day, trashcans can fill up. At the movies, for example, all of the trashcans, both in and outside of the theaters will need to be emptied, and during the day and night rush there’s little time for the floor staff to get to all of them. As part of our janitorial services, we take care of every trashcan in the building so that you don’t have to.

• Bathroom Maintenance—This means that we’ll come in after hours and perform a deep clean of the bathroom. From toilet scrubbing, toilet paper and paper towel installation, and floor mopping, to counter wipe-downs.

• Sweeping and Mopping—Continuing with after-hour janitorial services, our team will also sweep and mop your floors. If the CEO of your company is coming in for an important meeting in the morning, you can guarantee he’ll want to be impressed by what’s inside the building, and those tile floors are definitely a part of it.

We offer our janitorial services at an affordable price, providing you a great service in exchange. For deep cleaning and other janitorial services, contact Commercial Cleaning Industries.