VCT Floor Cleaning

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VCT Floor Cleaning

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Many professional buildings are floored with what is known as vinyl composition tiling, VCT for short. And during a routine day at the office, people come and go in droves, especially in a business center. For businesses in Valdosta, GA, Commercial Cleaning Industries provides high-quality VCT floor cleaning at an affordable price, making sure that offices and other professional settings have squeaky clean floors.

VCT maintenance can either be easy or hard, and we choose the easy way, offering tips and methods that we use to keep the floors as clean as possible:

• Correct Matting—Walk-off floor mats can help minimize the amount of VCT floor cleaning needed. Using them in entryways helps keep the floors clean and dry for longer periods of time.

• Daily Cleaning—Daily VCT floor cleaning involves sweeping and dusting and mopping away dirt and soul, which is important for the longevity of the tile’s finish. Damp mopping or auto-scrubbing floors with a neutral-impact cleaner to remove any remaining grime is suggested as well.

• Routine Maintenance—Routine stripping of the wax build-up that has occurred from maintenance is important, as a new finish will need to be applied. After, the VCT should be scrubbed with a stripping agent, which is then removed, followed by a floor rinse, drying, and finally the reapplication of the finish.

• Proper Scrubbing Pads—For VCT floor cleaning, you should use the correct scrubbing pads. We use different ones for light and deep scrubbing.

VCT floor cleaning is necessary to keep your building well-maintained and looking good. If you’re a fan of happy bosses and a shiny floor, then contact Commercial Cleaning Industries.